4.3.6 Advantages of oil thermal boiler over steam boiler

• High temperatures up to 300°c at atmospheric pressure
• Choice-free set-points of the outgoing thermal oil temperature
• Supreme part-load operations without compromising heating quality
• No equipment for pre-treatment, no chemicals / additives etc.
• No heat loss due to hot condensate and flash steam
• No risk of corrosion in the heater and circuit
• Can be used as for both cooling below 0°c and above 100°c
• Low maintenance costs (no dynamic influences, no leaking)
• Quiet in operation (no steam stroke and flash steam noise)
• Easy to operate (does not require boiler certified staff etc.)
• Fluid sample analyzing that determine the condition of the system
• No risk of freezing damages in cold regions.
• Co2-reduction, heat recovery and other environmental issues-heat recovery – for instance as described above – and other environmental considerations have always been a standard topic , long before these became a official worldwide protocol. A lot of money is available by thinking “green”.

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4.3.7 Cost analysis for oil thermal boiler

? Cost of boiler- 10 lakhs
? Cost of maintenance is around-10,000/yr

Life of boiler is 10-12 years. So, eventually the operating cost per year is much lower than that of above 2 types of boiler. From all above data, it is beneficial to use oil thermal boiler because of its long life, better operation at higher temperature and pressure.