3.4. sector leaders, hospital and health center


4.2 Sampling for Qualitative Data The researcher engaged non-probability sampling (purposive sampling) to select urban development house and constriction sector leaders, hospital and health center managers the two sampled kebele executive leaders and health extension workers has key informants interview because those respondents have better understanding, vital role, high responsibility and vast experience on solid waste management. The researcher also employed purposive sampling to select sanitation and beautification workers (SBW) for Focus Group Discussion (FGD) because those could be better experienced or work in the current time on solid waste management activities.3.

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5. Data SourcesThe researcher used both primary and secondary sources of data in order to gather reliable and valid information about practices and challenges of solid waste management in the study area. 3.5.1 Primary Data SourcesPrimary data sources were collected from SBW, hospital and health center managers, urban development house and construction sector leaders, health extension workers, kebele executive leaders and the two selected kebele residents. For this purpose, the researcher was prepared close and open-ended questionnaires, and semi-structured interviews and FGD to collect their attitude about practices and challenges of solid waste management in Mekane Selam town.


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