2017 certainly something happens… that strikes in

2017 Sept 6Leading way to Happiness…Hello readers! So it has been first time ever, that I decided to write something. Ofcourse for me, it is a special day, as the totally off day passed and certainly something happens… that strikes in our mind and brings a incomparable smile on our face.

Nothing ever last. Not the happiness. Not the pain. Neither you.

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Neither me. But the things that remains forever is memories. Memories. The beautiful collection that makes the human alive. Memories that give our life a new refreshment. Be the lucky one to have memories or just create them. It’s all about living the life.

Ya that one! Just remembered a beautifully written lines on the wall “when I was 5 years old, Mom taught-Happiness is key to success. When I went to school they asked-what I wanted to become?…i wrote down Happy. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand the life.

” Ahh.. these days are really complicated! We are among those generation who flips the coin up high, but want to see both head and tail at a time. All our life is hanging between the ‘ya you see I hate people to I miss my friends badly…’ Why to waste time on observing others! Aren’t any beautiful scenes left in your life left to watch? Ever thought about a small flower on the grass, that has its own beauty irrespective of the roses and tulips. Its blooms! It shines in the warmth of sun.

Beauty lies in the eyes of watcher. So be yourself! It’s never a matter of interference. It is always about the value you gave it. Have your own priorities holding the happiness. You are the one to be with yourself till the last breath, so hold it on. Why to sacrifice? If you can make it a better one.

Give it a try. Create it. You are the master. Happy reading Regards Rahi..2017 Sept 13Finding yourself…Hello Readers! Today is always awesome. Just now is the best.

Why to worry if you are with yourself. Smile. Let the inside you be cheered up. It is the moment to smile, the moment to be yourself. Watch the mirror, rather face the true you. Think a while, smile a lot.

So devastated by the external world! Time to consider yourself. Time to believe in yourself. A single life can live thousands lives, just need a thought to be the one you want to be.

Take the feel of positiveness. Take the feel of best person in you. Be the one, best in you. The only one who can stop you is just you. The only opposition in your life is the thought by you. The most irony, but the best thing about this is that the only strength in your life is the thought by you. Decision is yours, thoughts are yours, control them, build them, create the impractibility to reality, posses the potential to pursue it.

After all, it’s all about you. There are ideas beyond reality, there are visions beyond the thoughts! Be the one yourself. Be the one to show your vision through their eyes. The limit to your vision are your thoughts. They can’t stop you by their vision. You posses the power to control their vision.

Catch the minds. Open your parachute. Fly away. Explore more. Be limitless.

The stupidity inside you is the light to the darkness. The inner soul is the path you create. It is the one that you create yourself, with your accompany. Create your own world. Find the happiness that survives forever.

Enjoy the light after darkness. Enjoy the day after night. Enjoy the sunshine after stars. Enjoy the thoughts shared by you with yourself.

They forget good. They will forget bad too. Forget the bad but never forget the lesson. Have the passion to find yourself.

The one who posses to move the world present around you. Be the one who created. Be the one who is creator.

Happy reading Regards Rahi..


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