2.1 Requirement Specification
2.1.1 Normal Requirements
These are the requirements clearly stated by the customer. Hence these requirements must be present for customer satisfaction.
NR1: The system should provide user registration to students and staff.
NR2: The system should provide user login to admin, staff and students.
NR3: The system should provide the option for resetting the password to the user.
NR4: The system should create notice and ost on the application.
NR5: The system should ask for approval of the notice from the concerned authority.
NR6: The system should search a notice if user requires it.
NR7: The system should send notification alert to the user if a new notice has been posted.
NR8: The system should provide a template to create a notice.
NR9: Web portal should be provided to the staff to create and post a notice.
NR10: The system should sort the notices according to categories like departmental, student section, hostel, etc.
NR11: The system should register students for technical events conducted.
2.1.2 Expected Requirements

ER1: The system should be easy to install and user-friendly.
ER2: The response time of the system should be low.
ER3: The access of web portal should be given only to staff and admin.
2.1.3 Excited Requirements
EXR1: The application will be available on play store to download.
EXR2: The system should generate report of technical activities conducted.
EXR3: The system should conduct online test if any technical workshop takes place.

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