: will not be able to show their

: Explain how times of transition can affect children and young people’s development.Emotional, affected by personal experience eg bereavement, entering/leaving care- For many children, their emotional distress may cause changes in behaviour.

Some many children or young people will not be able to show their feelings or to talk with adults and other people about what they are going through; they may isolate themselves, becoming quiet and withdrawn and refuse to do things and get into trouble. In some children and young people their reaction may be the opposite; they could become verbally or even physically aggressive or just generally less cooperative. The transition from school to adulthood is a time of celebration, change andchallenges for all young people. They will be considering and makingdecisions about their career, their continuing education, their social life andwhere they will live. For many disabled young people and those with specialeducational needs (SEN),1 having access to timely and comprehensiveinformation, advice and guidance can be enough to help them reach theirgoals. For others, more support may be needed from a range of services toenable them to reach their full potential.

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