(KU1) new wards environment with positive impact on

(KU1) 1a) Puttinu Cares their aim is to help children with cancer and palliative treatment. YMCA awareness and sheltering homeless. FMCH create connecting between hospital and patients with mental illness.

1a) (i) Puttinu Cares, helping and providing temporary residence for patients and their families, during overseas medical intervenes. Which has release them from the burden of expense’s (ii) YMCA, sheltering homeless youths. Gave dignity to the homeless (iii) Friends of Mount Carmel. Establishing connection, between the hospital, patients and their families.1b) (i) PC Created new wards environment with positive impact on children with Cancer or palliative illness. FMCH created more respectful environment for patients with mental illness.

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YMCA gave dignity to youths homeless; all they had offer in redesigning, where statutory spilled out.(AA1) 2) (i) Public Benefit, (ii) Transparency and accountability,(iii) Respect for Laws, (iv) Care (i) Public Benefits: Will perceive that it and every one of its activities and attempts mirror the interest and estimation of the general population, who subside sort out, work, or in any capacity bolster the association, and also the social and ecological interest that such individual look to serve. (ii) transparency and accountability: NP has a mission for which it mobilises support, influence governments, raises funds, be transparent regarding its mission, values, governance, actions and objectives achievements and audits.

(iii) Respect for Laws: in its operations an NP demonstrates a established appreciated for the Law/s. it takes note of all legal issues and tasks relevant to its choice making. In case an NP decides to bypass criminal tasks, it be in charge for the selection taken. (iv) Care NP will always in good faith present accurate facts and truthful information, when executing its policies, demonstrate enlightened care and concern for those whose interests will be affected by its contemplated actions.

(AA5)3) (i) Hosipice Movement : Play major role in palliative care. Data collecting policies: Policies reveals then manners in which HM gathers records, from and erases information and data identified with enrolled patients, staff and different individuals, volunteers and promoters, in accordance with every single appropriate law including the GDPR. (ii) Caritas (Malta) offers a wide range of services, but outstands in rehabilitation in illegal drugs abuses (San Blas). Policies of admission: Male clients has to follow a full rehabilitation program which includes residential, and follows the program accordingly to their needs.

Act XXII of 2007 as amended by Legal Notices 427 of 2007 and 177 of 2012 and by Act VII of 2015 and XXXI of 2018Part iPRELIMINARY1. The short title of the Act is the Voluntary Organisations Act2. “administrator” means any person who is appointed to control, supervise or administeror an organisation, and includes a governor, director, trustee or committee member or any other person who carries out such functions even if under another name but shall not include a manager or an executive while currying out functions under a contract against remuneration expert in so far as he is an administrator and only relating to his functions as an administrator;”charitable purpose” means a social purpose;”charitable trust” means a trust as defined by the Trusts and Trustees Act which is established for a social purpose ………… (Malta, 2018)Outline of the act: an act to revise the Voluntary Organisations Act and to make consequential and different alterations to the Civil Code and the second schedule to the Civil Code, the Public Collections Act, the Notarial Profession and Notarial Archives Act, the Arbitration Act, the NP Act and the Public Registry Act.

Role of Council Voluntary Sector: The aim is to support the improvement higher quality and efficient voluntary sector in Malta and Gozo. Also propose aid improvement of extra influence and by using facilitating network between private and public sector. 4) (AA2)Five Dynamics; Human Recruitment; Financial Resources; Physical Resources; Infrastructural Resources; Service Users Profile.

4a) Dynamics Statutory Private Non-profitHuman Resources Unlimited Limited BarelyFinancial Resources Boundless Appropriate control Only justPhysical Resources Vast unrestricted ScarcelyInfrastructure Resources Adequate capable Very LimitedService users Profile Definitely Certainly doubtless (AA2)4b) FR Financial struggles are a actuality for many NP, even these with first-rate programs. Primarily dependent on public donation’s, today’s NP spend too much time trying to cobble collectively a patchwork; of funding sources. (Angela Francis and Jennifer Talansly, 2012)SUP. To guide anyone well, you ought to first get to understand the service users, what is vital to them and how they would like to be supported. The simple way that a one-page profile gives statistics skills that it can be understood and acted upon quickly. (oxford research, 2018)HR.

HR resources sector in NP can differ dramatically from that in Profit Company. NP HR departments are guided by using fluctuating working budget that are regularly based on donations, individuals contributions and in some cases government or EU funding. This severely limits and restricts the method in which HR goes about recruiting, hiring, staff or volunteers education.

5a) (AA3)Challenges Risks OpportunitiesLack of funds Not managed to leave impact on society Expend in other health and social care fieldsAbsence of strategic plan Lack of service provision Adding more value to their service/s Promotion of service Bankruptcy Capacity building exercise Performance Mistaken identity New ProjectsSudden increase in demand Ignoring donor’s wishes EU Funds5b) (i) EU Funds: Taking advantage of EU funds for NP. Applying for EU funds is a huge task, but not impossible. With the right settings in place, and well-planned project/s. have to be ready for the time window of EU funds for NP.

(ii) Adding more value: Puttinu Cares standout amongst the best NPs and ended up one of the main on the islands. They bounced on the opportunity; from relatively little care group to how we know it now a day. Furthermore, from helping young patients to all ages.

(iii) Awareness to Active: from awareness NGO to offering service with the help of voluntaries, local branch of YMCA, at first the aim was offering hostel for foreign youth travellers, an opportunity raised to venture in helping from awareness of homeless people to homeless by offer its premises as a shutter home. An opportunity YMCA could not miss out.6) (KU4)1) Too regularly, reactive fundraising tactics or conventional expertise, including diversification is good, alternative for thoughtful planning. Finding your funds model provides practical steerage for the steps required, and the selections and change-off to be made, so that it will confront non-profit leaders along the manner. This will help you identify strengths a future funding model ought to construct on, as well as weaknesses, which can put sure funding model out of reach or signal the want for specific investment. You could be screening for peer model strategies that are both sustainable and replicable, and thus upward thrust to the extent of an investment model. In addition, you will make an preliminary evaluation of how feasible these models are in your NP, with the purpose of selecting the two to four most relevant models.

You will expand an understanding of the funding available for each model, and what sort of that funding, your NP could reasonably expect to relaxed given the competitive surroundings and your relative strengths and weaknesses. It may also lay out a timeline for making the ones investments and impose your funding model assigning accountability to appropriate team individuals and specifying milestones and a gain knowledge of schedule that will make it less complicated to gauge progress and accurate your course as essential. b) Not best is the distinction among authorities and NP providers sometimes tough to decide because of their operational integration, but NPs may suffer from aid constraints and management inefficiencies just like those of presidency vendors. Policy development ought to reflect the strengths and weaknesses of NPs specially settings and should be constructed on NGO advantage over government in terms of aid mobilisation, performance and/or first-rate. c) A strategic plan enables managers to attention greater on the critical affairs and subjects of the NPs and deliver much less attention to the insignificant projects and


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