!ainly, ?! TR9?)?< is focusing on various spare parts and services. )tsource and supply various electromechanical parts, e$uipment&s andaccessories critical to 4hilippines growing economy: 5lectronics,8emiconductor, !old )ndustry and #ighly 9utomated )ndustry. Therefore,the researchers decided to come up with a study entitled =?omputeri"ed)nventory 8ystem for ?! TR9?)?< that shall convert its manual processof managing the inventory into a computeri"ed one. This modificationcould help the aforementioned business perform this essential function withmore speed and accuracy. Through this, the researchers may be able to make a corresponding program that would answer the problem identified in the former part of thisresearch.
1.2Stat?!?nt o" t#? Pro$%?!1.2.1 G?n?ra% Pro$%?!
?ifficulty in checking overstock, under stock and out of stock products.
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