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10 AMAZING HEALTH AND BEAUTY BENEFITS OF ADDING RETINOL TO YOUR ROUTINE. Starting with the term “retinol” it is a fat soluble vitamin that is primarily responsible for healthy vision, stronger bones and its development and an important factor in the fighting capacity of the body that leads to lower or reduced cases of infections. Some of the food products that would give you an instant supply of retinols are cod liver oil, milk, butter, cream. The colored fruits and veggies are loaded with retinol supply; especially the orange or yellow colored food items such as carrots, peach, papaya, pumpkin.

The word retinol is widely known as “Vitamin A”. So, let’s move on to why adding retinol or vitamin A to your skin and body routine is a blessing.Excellent Eye Sight: The consumption of vitamin A products improves the quality of one’s vision, they are responsible for the eyes to get acquainted with the different spectrum of lights of the nature, so it becomes easier for the eyes to adjust in the bright or dull light as opposed to people who consume less or retinol at all. Strong Bones: Retinols or Vitamin A are said to have a composition that is beneficial for strong and healthy bones.

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They have a substance named dentin that are sturdy materials that are responsible for strong bones and teeth. A deficiency of vitamin A leads to brittle nails and fragile bone quality.Efficient Immunity System: The main reason for body not being able to heal itself would lead to poor skin health, wrinkles, infections and many more. Adding retinols to your diet will improve the body’s fighting mechanism that in turn would help the body fight from inside so that the healthy skin can shine from outside.Muscle Health: Retinol leads to strong and improved muscles, especially for teens and growing kids, retinols intake in diet leads to better muscle strength.

Healthy Looking Skin: Vitamin A intake reduces the dryness of the skin and other factors that leads to poor looking skin, it adds sufficient moisture to the skin so that it looks healthy. Retinols reduces the amount of free radicals that are like little dust molecules that are not healthy for a good skin. Reduced or No Wrinkles: Collagen another scientific term in the list is what keeps the elasticity of the skin intact, any breakage in the collagen would lead to increase in wrinkles and so adding vitamin A in your diet would reduce the breakage of the collagen and ultimately no wrinkles.Cures Acne: Acne is primarily caused to an increased level of sebum production in the skin that leads to breakouts.

Retinols reduces and balances the level of sebum production of the skin and hence is efficient to keep acne at bay. Reduced Pore Size: Another major problem for an unhealthy looking skin is the large pore size and open pores. Consuming retinols shrinks the pore size. It removes the dirt that is responsible for blocking the pores and hence the size of the pores is minimized.Removes the Dead Cells: As previously mentioned that collagen is responsible for maintaining the elasticity of the skin, retinol is also an antioxidant, that is, it removes the dead or the dried layer of skin on the upper surface and hence provides with a new set of collagen leading to healthy skin.

Glowing Skin: A steady intake of retinol or vitamin A keeps the dryness of the skin and the uneven tone or pigmentation of skin at bay. It has been scientifically proven that retinols are filled with antioxidant which is like of a protecting agent that improves the dryness of the skin and leads to formation of healthy and glowing looking skin.


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