1. Executive Summary
In this report the methodologies employed by various organisations to target the customers and try to gain access to their data has been focussed upon. With the help of studying research papers I will try to figure out whether its important for retail business to collect customer data and do customer-oriented marketing. The research studies share the concern of consumers and what should be kept in mind before collecting customer data. The company that I will focus upon will be ‘The Warehouse Group’ and will answer a research question whether brand products manufactured under its own name should be a good idea for the warehouse group and collect the reactions of customers regarding this step by the group. I will try to answer what are the ethical considerations that should be taken care of while market your product and try to know their preferences and is that a profitable step for a business. In this the interesting thing about one research papers ‘The Privacy Dyad’ and ‘Data warehousing does not support customer relationship management’ says that trust not the most important factor that in data collection about the customers needs and preferences. The important thing is what type of information you want from the customer and to make sure that businesses marketing team do not make customer doubtful about their security. The Warehouse Group has long maintained a reputation of being a good company since it started its operations in 1982. The warehouse group because of its reputation of being a good company does not use the concept of digital marketing as effectively as compared to its competitors like Farmers, K mart, Briscoes etc. The EDLP (everyday low prices strategy) of the warehouse group has not turned out to be effective so after collection of customer data ethically they can easily mix the concept of digital marketing with effective service to have an edge over its competitors. (Yeoman , 2018) Since Brand Reputation is one of the most important factor for data warehousing and CRM (customer relationship management) the group can easily understand consumer concerns. (Lwin, Wirtz, & Stanland, 2015) By knowing its customer chain better the group can have an advance knowledge of customer reaction towards that step. The Group should also start taking customer feedbacks in the store after purchasing and know what makes this retail chain a good place to buy and what are your future expectations or what’s changes you want from them. The communication quality is also one of the most important source that makes customer provide data that means the group needs people that are committed and can convince people to fill a simple questionnaire that can make its customer aware of technologies this group will employ in future and what’s customer reaction towards that change.