1. of ??Antarctica is about 52 million km;

1. The territory of Antarctica does not belong to anyone – not one country in the world; 2. Antarctica is the most southerly continent; 3. The area of ??Antarctica – 13 million 661 thousand kilometers; 4.

Antarctica since ancient times was depicted on maps before its official opening. Then it was called “Unknown Southern Earth” (or “Australis Incognita”); 5. The warmest time is February.

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The same month – the time of “change” of scientists at research stations; 6. The continent’s area of ??Antarctica is about 52 million km; 7. Antarctica is the second largest area after Australia; 8. Antarctica has no government or official population; 9. Antarctica has a telephone code and a flag of its own.

On the blue background of the flag, the outline of the continent of Antarctica is drawn; 10. It is considered that the first man-scientist in Antarctica was Norwegian Karsten Borchgrevink. But here, historians disagree on opinions, because there is documentary evidence that Lazarev and Bellingshausen were the first to enter the Antarctic Continent with their expedition; 11. It was opened in 1820, on January 28; 12.

Antarctica has its own currency, which operates only on the continent; 13. Antarctica officially recorded the lowest temperature in the world – 91.2 below zero Celsius; 14. The maximum temperature above zero in Antarctica is 15 degrees; 15. The average temperature in summer is minus 30-50 degrees; 16.

In a year not more than 6 cm of precipitation falls; 17. Antarctica is the only uninhabitable continent; 18. In 1999, an iceberg the size of London broke away from the continent of Antarctica; 19. Beer is included in the compulsory diet of workers at scientific stations in Antarctica; 20. Since 1980, Antarctica is accessible to tourists; 21.

Antarctica is the driest continent on the planet. In one of its areas -Dry Valley- there has been no rain for about two million years. Ironically, in this area there is absolutely no ice; 22. Antarctica is the only place on the planet where the emperor penguins live; 23.

Antarctica is an ideal place for those who study meteorites. Meteorites falling on the territorycontinent thanks to the ice preserved in its original form; 24. The continent of Antarctica does not have a time zone; 25. All time zones (and there are 24 of them) can be bypassed in a few seconds; 26. The most common form of life in Antarctica is the wingless midget BelgicaAntarctida. It is no more than one and a half centimeters long; 27. If ever the ice of Antarctica melt, the level of the world’s ocean will rise by 60 meters; 28.

In addition to the foregoing, a worldwide flood can not be expected, the temperature on the continent will never rise above zero; 29. In Antarctica there live fish, in the blood of which there is no hemoglobin and red blood cells, therefore their blood is colorless. Moreover, the blood contains a special substance that allows it not to freeze, even at the lowest temperatures; 30.

In Antarctica, no more than 4,000 people live; 31. At the continent there are two active volcanoes; 32. In 1961, on 29 April, less than two hours Leonid Rogozov – Doctor of the Soviet expedition in Antarctica – himself carried out an operation to remove appendicitis. The operation was successful; 33.

Poles do not live here – this is a general misconception. It’s too cold for bears; 34.Here grows only two types of plants, and flowering plants. True, they grow in the warmest zones of the continent. It:Antarctic meadow and Kolobantuskito; 35. The name of the continent comes from the ancient word “Arktikos”, which translates literally as “opposite the bear”.

Such a name the continent received in honor of the constellationThe Big Dipper; 36. Antarctica has the most powerful winds and the highest level of solar radiation; 37. In Antarctica, the cleanest sea in the world: the transparency of water allows you to see objects at a depth of 80 meters; 38.

The first person born on the continent is Emilio Marcos Palma, Argentinian. He was born in 1978; 39. In winter, Antarctica doubles in area; 40. In 1999, the doctor Jerry NielsenIt was necessary to independently carry out chemotherapy, after detection of breast cancer.

The problem is that Antarctica is a deserted place and isolated from the surrounding world; 41. In Antarctica, strangely enough, there are rivers. The most famous is the Onyx River. It flows only during the summer – it’s two months. The length of the river is 40 kilometers. The fish does not live in the river; 42.

Bloody waterfall – is in the valley of Taylor. Waterin the waterfall has acquired a bloody shade due to the high content of iron, which forms rust. The water in the waterfall never freezes, because it is four times more salty than the usual sea; 43.

On the continent were found the bones of herbivorous dinosaurs, which are already about 190 million years old. They lived there when the climate was warm, and Antarctica was part of one continentGondwana; 44. If Antarctica were not covered by ice, then the height of the continent would be only 410 meters; 45. The maximum thickness of ice is 3800 meters; 46.

??There are many subglacial lakes in Antarctica. The most famous of them -Lake Vostok. Its length is 250 kilometers, width is 50 kilometers; 47. Lake Vostok was hidden from humanity for 14,000,000 years: 48. Antarctica is the sixth and last open continent; 49. About 270 people have died since the discovery of Antarctica, including a cat named Chippy; 50.

There are more than forty constantly operating scientific stations on the continent; 51. There are a lot of abandoned places in Antarctica. The most famous is a camp basedRobert Scottfrom Britain in 1911. Today, these camps have become a tourist attraction; 52. Along the coast of Antarctica, often found wrecked ships – mainly Spanish Galleons 16-17 centuries; 53. In the area of ??one of the regions of Antarctica (Wilkis Land) there is a giant crater from the fall of a meteorite (500 kilometers in diameter); 54.

Antarctica is the highest continent of the planet Earth; 55. If global warming continues, trees will grow in Antarctica; 56. There are huge reserves of natural resources in Antarctica; 57.

The greatest danger to scientists on the continent is open fire. Because of the dryness of the atmosphere, it is very difficult to extinguish it; 58. 90 per cent of ice reserves are in Antarctica; 59.

Over Antarctica, the world’s largest ozone hole is 27 million square kilometers; 60. 80 per cent of the world’s fresh water is concentrated in Antarctica; 61. In Antarctica there is a well-known, natural origin, ice sculpture, called the “Frozen Wave”; 62. In Antarctica, no one lives permanently – only in shifts; 63. Antarctica is the only continent in the world where ants do not live; 64. The largest iceberg on the planet is located in the waters of Antarctica – it weighs about three billion tons and its area exceeds the area of ??the island Jamaica; 65. In the Antarctic, pyramids similar in size to the pyramids of Giza; 66.

Antarctica is surrounded by legends about underground bases Hitler – after all, it was he who was closely studying this area in times of Second World War; 67. The highest point of Antarctica is 5140 meters (the Sentinel Range); 68. Only 2% of the land “looks out” from under the ice of Antarctica; 69. Because of the severity of the ice of Antarctica, the southern belt of the earth is deformed, which makes our planet oval; 70.

Currently, seven countries of the world (Australia, New Zealand, Chile, France, Argentina, Great Britain and Norway) are trying to divide the territory of Antarctica among themselves; 71. The only two countries that have never claimed the territory of Antarctica are the United States and Russia; 72. Over Antarctica is the cleanest section of the sky, best suited for exploring outer space and observing the birth of new stars; 73.

Annually a hundred-kilometer ice marathon is held in Antarctica – a race in the vicinity of the mountain Elsworth; 74. In Antarctica, since 1991, mining operations have been banned; 75. The word “Antarctica” from the Greek translates as “opposites The Arctic»; 76. On the surface of Antarctica is a special breed of tick.

This mite can release a substance similar in composition to the car “non-frost”; 77. The famous canyon “The Gates of Hell” is also located in Antarctica. The temperature in it drops to 95 degrees, and the wind to 200 kilometers per hour is unfit for human conditions; 78. Before the glacial period in Antarctica, there was a hot, tropical climate; 79.

Antarctica affects the climate of the whole planet; 80. The installation of military installations and nuclear power installations is strictly forbidden on the continent; 81. Antarctica even has its own Internet domain – .aq (which stands for AQUA); 82. The first ordinary passenger aircraft arrived in Antarctica in 2007; 83.

Antarctica is an international protected area; 84. The surface of the dry valley of McMurdo in Antarctica and its climate are very similar to the surface of the planet Mars, so NASA rarely carry out test launches of its space rockets; 85. 4-10% of polar scientists in Antarctica are Russian; 86.

A monument to Lenin was erected in Antarctica (1958); 87. In the ice of Antarctica, new bacteria unknown to modern science were discovered; 88. Scientists at the Antarctic bases live so harmoniously that as a result, many inter-ethnic marriages were concluded; 89. There is an assumption that Antarctica is the lost Atlantis. 12 thousand years ago the climate on this continent was hot, but after the impact of the asteroid on the Earth the axis shifted, and the continent along with it; 90.

An Antarctic blue whale consumes about 4 million shrimp in one day – this is approximately 3,600 kilograms; 91. In Antarctica there is a Russian Orthodox church (on the island of Waterloo). This is the church of the Holy Trinity not far fromarctic stations Bellingshausen; 92. In addition to penguins, there are no terrestrial animals in Antarctica; 93. In Antarctica, a phenomenon such as pearlescent clouds can be observed. This happens when the temperature drops to 73 degrees Celsius below zero.

94. Antarctic penguins They can conquer the depth of 500 meters and stay there for 15 minutes; 95. Even the full moon in Antarctica has its name – “Full Moon DeLaqa”, in honor of the polar biologist at the end of the 20th century; 96. 40 000 tourists visit Antarctica annually; 97. The cost of the tour to Antarctica is $ 10,000; 98.

The Russian research station Vostok is located in such a cold and remote area that in the winter time there is no way to reach it by airplane or ship; 99. In winter, only 9 people live in Vostok station, all alone;


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