• the macula becomes damaged, (RNIB –

• The macula is the part of the eye that provides clear, central vision needed to see objects straight ahead, (RNIB – See differently, 2018). • Cone cells are found in the Macula, which allow us to detect colour, (RNIB – See differently, 2018). • AMD is a degenerative disease in which part of the macula becomes damaged, (RNIB – See differently, 2018). • Dry AMD: • Most common type. • Slow development. • May lead to a blank spot in the centre of vision. • Wet AMD: • Fast development.

• Grave changes to central vision which may development in a matter of days or weeks. • May lead to blank spot in the centre of vision. • Medication used to treat PCOS and Diabetes.

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• Improves the body’s response to insulin. • With respect to PCOS, it stimulates ovulation by lowering sugar and insulin levels. The research conducted suggests that people with type 2 diabetes who take metformin, have a lower chance of developing AMD, as opposed to people with type 2 diabetes who do not take metformin.

• The data was collected from the Taiwan National health insurance database. • The participants were divided into two groups; a control group, (22681 patients) and a group which took metformin, (45524 patients). • After studying each group for 13 years it was concluded that the patients who were administered metformin had a significantly lower risk of developing AMD. • While the study did demonstrate a relationship between the use of metformin and the risk of developing AMD, it did not demonstrate how metformin reduced the risk of developing AMD.

• AMD is a complex disease which has still not been fully understood. • It’s development involves lifestyle factor, systemic diseases, genetics and environment and therefore a single cause has not been isolated yet. • As a result, more study is needed in order to confirm whether metformin actually reduces the risk of developing AMD.


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