The Practice of Unequal Opportunity essays

During these hard economic times getting and keeping employment is more difficult than ever. How would you feel if you knew you could do a job but you were not selected due to a biased math test used in the selection process? Would you feel you had received an equal opportunity and would you feel justice had been served? This is exactly what happened in Chesapeake, Virginia. "The city has settled a racial discrimination lawsuit from the U.S. Justice Department that alleged the Chesapeake Police used a math test that unfairly disqualified black and Hispanic officer applicants" (Forster, n.d., n.p.). Exactly how much math does a police officer need to use in the performance of his duties?Testing, if used in employment selection, must focus on the necessary qualifications needed to successfully perform the job and be designed to preclude discrimination or the perception of creating an unequal or injustice to specific classes of people. The perception of unethical, unequal or injustice in an organization opens up the organization for discriminatory law suits, decreases the organizations public image, can adversely affect future employment applicant numbers and can negatively impact the organization's current workforce. The Equity Theory and Organizational (Procedural) Justice will be used to prove that biased employment testing can be detrimental to the organization.
The City of Chesapeake is negatively influencing their organization by using unnecessary and biased testing on their job applicants. The Equity Theory, perception of fairness and justice, and Procedural Justice, fairness of the procedure used to make a decision, can influence future job applicants and current employees (Luthans, 2011, p. 172). Would your motivation and organizational commitment decrease if you perceived your organization as practicing discriminatory practices? "Organizational justice can help ex

How Media Influences Our Lives essays

"Purchase this model of car, you will love it! Vote for this politician since he will be the answer to all our troubles. Go green! It is the suave thing to do". Media is everywhere, and quite influential; from the newest clothing trends to wear or follow, to the politician one should vote for. It is rather a liberal media and gives much positive feedback on any liberal issues, and much more negative comments toward conservative matters. If the television or magazine says something is "in", then it must be true. Many individuals (men, women, young or old) feed off of what the media says and feel the need to take notice of everything. Though many individuals have been taught morals, it seems as though the media has more of a say in how one acts and does things. Many companies have had much success thanks to magazines and others advertising them, and many politicians have become increasingly popular due to the magazines, news, and others praising them. Like a Venus flytrap, the media lures their prey (the average person) with the intoxicating scent of persuasion. There are steps that can be taken in order not to fall into the trap of the media, but it is up to the individual to take action. The media can be an influential object, but the chains can be broken.
In Leading Men: Looking at Presidential Contenders Through a Hollywood Lens by Stephen Hunter speaks of how then Senator Barack Obama and John McCain were seen as two actors: Will Smith and John Wayne. It can be seen as the "old star/young star" competition and who will "get a starring role in'The Next Four Years'" (355). McCain is similar to John Wayne or Harrison Ford, in a sense that he is the older candidate but many individuals know his "values, strengths, and weaknesses" and has been around for quite some time (356). Obama is the newer candidate who can bring fresh ideas even though he many not be as experienced….

Finding My Passion essays

I've participated in many sports and extracurricular activities throughout my life; gymnastics, cheerleading, dancing, piano and French classes but somehow I’ve always ended up quitting all of them. Much of this has to do with my personality – I tend to be a bit lazy. I limit myself by maintaining an “average” life, even though I’m fully capable of reaching a great success. When it comes to personality, my mother is my complete opposite. She’s a very dedicated person and expects a lot from herself. She always gives her best and is the type of person who never gives up. As her daughter, I’ve witnessed what happens when we live our lives with high personal expectations. And learning from her, simply by watching her live her life, may be what leads me to making decisions that lead to a happy and successful life.
In early November of 2005, I was on a swim team and I had two very important dates coming up on the calendar: one of the most significant swim competitions of the year and my 16th birthday. The swimcompetition was an obsession for my mother. She couldn't believe I hadn't quit the swim team and she was so proud and happy for me. But this enthusiasm was putting a tremendous amount of pressure on me. As the day of the swim meet approached, my nerves seemed to increase with each passing second. Before I knew it, it was the day of the competition. My mother took me to school that morning and I hoped that somehow I could find the time to relax and clear my mind.
I arrived to class before the other students and the room was empty. As soon as I sat at my desk, all my friends walked in singing happy birthday and carrying an enormous cake and gifts. I was so touched that I didn’t even think about the swim competition for the rest of the day. But as soon as the last school bell rang, my nerves kicked into overdrive. I knew it was time to go home and begin getting ready to compete. While I was walking to my bus, my th…

Overview of the Sara Lee Corporation essays

Sara Lee, now known as "Hillshire Brand", has been a stage of continued growth for many years and has accomplished this through the latest technologies, and a team that works together to improve our great tasting products. We believe that continued targeting of customers and the matching of prospects, we can continue the growth of our company by focusing on what our customers want and need. We will focus on customer satisfaction and find that complimenting/competing companies with customers similar needs.
We will focus on the personal attention of a company that values and cares for their employer needs. Increase capacity, and innovative offerings will show our customers that we value their needs as well as our own. Our vision is to continue to be a global leader and innovator in our products.
We will continue to reach our clients, consumers, communities, by advertising through mailings, television commercials, website ads, and continue to hold events for each community we represent. We will come up with new great tasting products that will please everyone, and by doing this our marketing team will reach out to our customers by doing surveys as to what types of beverages, breakfast items, meats that interest them the most.
Sara Lee is a global company and specialized in food and beverage products. The history of this company dates back to 1939 and is now in operations of more that forty countries and also sells its products to over 180 nations worldwide. In this year 2012, the company has split into two units, the international beverage and bakery is now a separate unit named D.E Master Blenders 1753. The North American operations will still have the Sara Lee name on its bakery products, but the companies name has switched to "Hillshire Brands". The split completed in July of this year 2012, will move its headquarters back to Chicago in 2013.
When looking into the goals and vision of this company their s…

Information, Technology and Healthcare essays

According to Wisconsin's Model of Academic Standards, "Information and Technology Literacy is the ability of an individual, working independently or with others, to use tools, resources, processes, and systems responsibly to access and evaluate information in any medium, and to use that information to solve problems, communicate clearly, make informed decisions, and construct new knowledge, products, or systems." (Wisconsin’s model academic,” 2000) Globally, we purchased 1.6 billion consumer electronics in 2011, up from 1.56 billion in 2010, according to market research firm iSupply. This does not account for any of the technological equipment and devices used in the medical field. It is evident in the way that we as 21st Century nursing students are taught. Information of all kind is available in the palm of our hands.Instead of purchasing books, we purchase iPad's, we have access to the library via our computers, and assignments are completed and submitted using the Internet because of technology. These types of blended learning's and the use of information coupled with technology is critical in nursing practice.
In health care overall, technology includes things that are typically not considered technology for most. Things like drugs; diagnostics, indicators and substances, devices, equipment and supplies; medical and surgical procedures; support systems; and organizational and managerial systems used in prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Having the ability to acquire the information for the implementation of all of the above technology will provide the best outcome for the patients in our care. Evidence-based nursing also results in positive patient outcome. Evidence-based practice looks at research findings, quality improvement data and other forms of evaluation data, and expert opinion to identify methods of improvement. "As nursing progresses to an all graduate wo…

The Arab Image by Jack G. Shaheen essays

Jack G. Shaheen's “The Arab Image” is a highly effective essay because he appeals to the audience in order to bring prejudice against Arabs to the attention of the American public and offer a solution to the inherent problem. Shaheen structures his essay in a way that can be easily followed by most any reader.He brings his concern with the problem of prejudice to the surface in his essay by invoking issues found in areas that the majority of his target audience can relate to. Shaheen's rhetorical essay is effective because he is able to incorporate logos, pathos, and ethos within his work. These three alone can be enough to persuade an audience, but when Shaheen incorporates all three within his work he leaves very little room for doubt about the topic at hand.
Jack Shaheen's essay is effective because of how simple it is for the audience to follow. This allows the audience to focus more on the argument presented and not be so concerned about trying to decipher what the author is trying so convey to them. One way Shaheen accomplishes this is by staying on track throughout his essay. The information flows smoothly and he does not jump around, but sticks to his main topic. He uses a problem and solution argument. Shaheen begins by stating the problem that he is going to discuss early in essay, allowing the audience to understand what issue he is trying to get across. Within thefirst paragraph he declares, "Beginning in 1896, Hollywood began saturating world viewers with hideous feature films which portrayed Arab Muslims and their descendants as sub-humans – sand niggers, lecherous sheiks, and terrorists” (Shaheen, 2002 183).
He follows up his claim by supporting it with examples from real problems that have taken place.
After stating the issue of prejudice Shaheen follows up his argument with a solution to the problem. This also adds to the effectiveness of the essay by not leaving the reader hanging t…

The Natural by Bernard Malamud essays

In his novel, “The Natural”, Bernard Malamud presents a paradox of a character in Roy Hobbs. Roy is a talented athlete who fails to live up to the world's expectations of him despite his good intentions. For all of his physical tools, Roy cannot overcome his personal flaws, which finally bring hims down. It also becomes more apparent that these flaws include a lack of maturity outside of baseball, lack of a work ethic, and poor decision making. Malamud uses his story to represent talented people who waste their talent, and ultimately end up with nothing due to their own immaturity.
When Memos has herfirst "date" with Roy, she asks Roy what is his goal in the life. She asks, "But I don't understand why you should make so much of that. Are your values so-?" (Malamud 150). Roy's answer to this question is the same throughout the book. Whenever he is asked what his goals in life are, Roy's answer is always to either to be the best, or to break as many records as possible. For Roy there is no life outside of baseball. His lack of maturity off the playing field is in stark contrast with his physical maturity on the field. He is oblivious to the fact that Memo has never had any true feelings for him until she tells him. "You filthy scum, I hate your guts and always have since the day you killed Bump."(Malamud 230)
Another woman Roy has trouble with is Iris Lemon. Iris is the only woman in Roy's life who treats Roy with any respect. Her beauty and affection attract Roy, but her maturity finally drives her away. Roy is scared that beginning a relationship with Iris would force him to mature. "He thought, I never did learn anything out of my past life, now I have to suffer again."(Malamud 230) This passage illustrates why Roy can be considered a modern day loser. He never learned from his past mistakes. When he was young he made some mistakes that cost him his shot at gre

The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan essays

After reading “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollan, my personal thoughts on the food industry are that many Americans don;t know that most of the food in our homes are processed. Many Americans don;t know where their food comes, what’s in it or what it does to our bodies. After I read this book, I changed my eating habits immediately, in fact, I’ve shared what I’ve learned with my friends and family. I think it’s important that American’s learn where our food comes from so we’ll be better prepared to fight disease and manage our health.
Before I read “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” I didn;t know that most of the food and drink we consume has corn as an ingredient. I also didn;t know that America is facing numerous food related illnesses including heart disease and obesity. I was unaware that some cattle owners provide their cattle with feed that contains parts of other cows – this is thought to possibly be the cause of mad cow disease.
Throughout the years the food industry has gotten to the point where we have few options other than eating unhealthy. I believe that fast food chains are practically the worst ;food; we can call food without it being fake. I;ve never paid much attention to the things I eat and this book has certainly changed that. I;ve always heard, ;You are what you eat.; If this is true then we owe our bodies superb care in how we choose to nourish ourselves.
Pollan explains in crucial detail how American food production which was once sun based became fossil fuel based: we now use fossil fuels to process corn into feed for cows and pigs, whereas before in the fifties we used the sun to grow grass to feed to the cows.
;Beginning in the fifties and sixties, the flood tide of cheap corn made it profitable to fatten cattle on feedlots instead of on grass, and to raise chickens in giant factories rather than in farmyards.┬áIowa livestock farmers couldn;t…

Body Plans of Animals essays

1. All animals have body plans that are modifications from an original ancient ancestral animal body plan. This is proven with the similarities between different animals. The rat, dogfish shark, crayfish, pigeon and squid all have both a central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.This shows that they all are interrelated. Also, their respiratory systems are all similar.All the listed animals need oxygen, they just get it in different ways.The rat and pigeon take in oxygen while the dogfish shark, crayfish and squid all use gills to receive oxygen.
2. The evolutionary development of body plans ranges from the simplest to the most complex. Some animals that are complex are the rat and pigeon. The rat has bones similar to the human. The pigeon also has bones, but they are lightweight which allows them to fly with ease. The squid is an example of an animal with simple body plans. They do not live long and have no bones. Their skeletal system has very little structure. I believe that if the chordate is the most complex phylum, the most simple is the mellesca. The order I would put them in from simplest to most complex would be: squid, crayfish, dogfish shark, rat and pigeon.
3. a. The special adaptations of the rat are its ability to keep itself cool with its tail
b. The rat eats food with its mouth. The process of breaking down its food starts in the
salivary glands. It continues through the esophagus and into the stomach where the food
c. An incomplete digestive system is where a single opening serves as the mouth and anus of
the organism. A complete digestive system is where there are two openings, a mouth and
anus. Rats have complete digestive systems.
d. Rats breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.
e. Rats have closed circulatory systems. A closed circulatory system is one where the blood
stays closed inside veins and tubes. An open circula

The True Story of Stand and Deliver essays

The movie I watched in Mr. Franklin's class was “Stand and Deliver”. The story is about a high school mathematics teacher who takes a class of undisciplined, unmotivated and rebellious students and helps them through a year of school Garfield High in Los Angeles, California. He helps them graduate and succeed. The kids learn so much in that year that eighteen of them are able to pass a very hard college credit calculus exam. The exam is so hard that only 2% of American students pass it. The movie is based on a true story.
As I was watching the movie, the teacher named Jaime Escalante gets challenged on thefirst day.Many students yell out to him in Spanish and in English to see if they can test him in any way. He doesn't confront them; but he reaches out to them. He befriends many students including a troubled teen named Angel. At one point, Angel asks Mr. Escalante if he needs more than one book and says that he wants to learn but his “homies” must not find out.
In return Mr. Escalante is promised that he will get protection, but tells Angel instead to just come to class.The students are astonished to see, that a teacher can hang in there.So as days go on, he starts adopting ways to get the students to pay attention to him.The next day he is dressed as a chef with a meat cleaver.He slams the meat cleaver, slicing the apples in half and gets people to stop talking.
He asks various students what they have. Eventually they are asked individually to answer. This is one of his tactics into having a group discussion. As he eases his way, he starts teaching by using examples out of the everyday lives of his student making them think things out for themselves. The students then learn to realize he is serious.
Jaime Escalante tells his students if they want to learn they must all follow his rules. He starts by announcing that the punishments for not working hard in class are to be banished from the class….